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    Pictures are worth a thousand words…

    To be in compliance with the MLS Rules, at least one photo (the front of the house) must be uploaded for a Residential/Rental/Income listing to be active. Matrix will allow you to turn the listing to Active without a photo, but you’ll be in violation of the MLS Rules. Lot/Land listings do not require a photo.

    As a listings agent, you should care about how your photos look on the MLS because MLS sites send (syndicate) photos to local, regional, and national real estate sites. Remember, buyers shop with their eyes, so good quality photos can make a difference on whether the home you have listed is viewed. To stay ahead of your competition, use these photo tips to help you in your photographic quests.

    In addition to the fact that including a photo  is a rule, as a listing agent you should care about how your photos look on the MLS because MLS sites send (syndicate) photos to local, regional, and national real estate sites.  Buyers shop with their eyes, so good quality photos can make a difference on whether the home you have listed is viewed.

    To stay ahead of your competition, use the following tips to help you in your photographic quests:
    Please do not have your sign in the photo.  Take the photo before the sign is put up or take a shot from another angle.  This is considered steering and not permitted in the MLS.
    Please do not have people or pets in the photos. This can be a violation of privacy. A photo with you in it is also a violation.  If a child’s name is on the wall in big letters either remove the letters or take the picture from a different angle.  Advertising a child’s name with their address is a safety issue.

    Make sure that you pay attention to the order in which you load your pictures on the MLS.  The home’s best features and photos should come first to capture the
    buyers’ attention quickly.  Buyers may only look at the first 4 photos when deciding which homes to consider more closely.
    Refrigerator magnets are not a good thing.  Trash cans aren’t either.  Remove these  items before shooting your picture.

    Move any items that are a distraction out of your shots, or try a different angle to show room features, and not those items.
    After you take the picture,  look at the photo in the camera window.
    Check to make sure that your picture is balanced and items are not crooked. When viewing  the picture in the camera window, , you may catch things that your eye missed when looking at the room.
    Please check your photos after they’re uploaded on the MLS website and/or on public websites. This can prevent an embarrassing call from your seller asking why the picture is sideways or blurry. Remember, buyers are online and using mobile devices when searching for a home. If you have good quality photos –  they’ll stand out and in turn, you’ll stand out as well.
    There are several websites that are devoted to “Bad MLS Photos” (
    Besides chuckling at some of them, they may help you avoid taking bad shots when taking your own photos.



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    SWFL Group March Matrix Updates

    This is a monthly update on the SWFL Group’s (Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita and Cape Coral Associations) progress with the Matrix Updates. We will be sending out this update to keep the members informed of the changes going on in Matrix.  It is the intention of the four local Associations to make improvements and enhancements with Matrix to better help the Members’ MLS experience.

    SWFL Group Matrix Updates

    New Icons in the “Icon Price Arrows” Column Matrix to add ‘N’ for new listings, ‘B’ for back on market and ‘X’ for expired listings to the “Icon Price Arrows” field and include this field on the default Single Line Report. The indicators will remain on the report for 15 days which is the same as the Hot Sheet period.     Request Submitted to Matrix

    Add a new required field called Auction with the options of yes and no. Request Submitted to Matrix

    Extend the auto email deactivation from 30 days to 60 days. Request Submitted to Matrix

    Currently you can have 250 active auto-emails/active searches. The Group decided to ask Matrix to increase this number to 500. Request Submitted to Matrix

    You cannot search for both short sales and foreclosed listings at the same time because a listing cannot be both a short sale and foreclosed. The Group discussed adding a searchable field called ‘distressed’ that would pull up both short sales and foreclosed listings. The Group decided not to make any changes. Further Discussion Needed by Group

    Add Units in Building and in Complex to the reports Request Submitted to Matrix

    Adjust garage/carport spaces and type to appear in the same row on reports Request Submitted to Matrix

    Formatting Addresses in all uppercase in all places In Process with Matrix

    Driving Directions – add a print option Request Submitted to Matrix

    Short Sale field should be a required field COMPLETED

    FIRPTA, Address on Internet, VOW Fields, and Internet Sites should be required  In Process with Matrix

    Waterfront Description & Canal Width in Lot & Land should be a required field In Process with Matrix

    Add Leased Status to Commercial Property Type. Also add Leased price TASKED

    Add “None” option to Water & Sewer for Lot & Land COMPLETED

    Add a field for Seller Concessions Yes/No COMPLETED

    Add “Bridges” to the Gulf Access Type field COMPLETED

    Change “Via No Bridge” to “No Bridges” COMPLETED

    Remove Englewood and Punta Gorda GEO Areas from the pick list, map listings to CH01 Under Review by Group

    Change the photo watermark to SWFLAMLS thereby removing the copyright sign. Update existing listings. TASKED

    Make Listing Audit feature available to Brokers COMPLETED

    Make Feet & Miles available on map Ruler COMPLETED


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    Why is my listing showing as Inactive?

    You have entered a listing and uploaded the photos, but your listing is still showing “Inactive”.  How do I make the listing Active?  When you entered the listing, you forgot to change the Status to “Active”, click “Submit” and check for errors.

    Here are a few steps to follow when you are entering a new listing:

    When you begin entering a listing ALWAYS picks the correct Property Type.  If you enter a Rental Property under Residential, it cannot be switched.  It would need to be terminated and re-entered under the correct type.  A few seconds double checking will save you time in the end.
    You should always “Fill from Realist Tax Records”.  Enter the address or owners name and have it search the Tax Records.  Click on “fill” and it will auto- populate some of the information.  This is important as it will pull in the PID number in the correct format.
    When you are entering the “List Price”, always check to make sure it is correct (the right amount of zeros).  If you put it in incorrectly and then need to change it, the listing will reflect a price increase/decrease.
    While you are working on a listing, you should leave it as “INCOMPLETE” and click “Submit”(save)  to get out of it to work on something else.  Once you have finished all of the tabs, you will need to go back to the “STATUS” tab, change it to “ACTIVE” and click “SUBMIT”.
    If you have any errors, it will show you the tab with a red !.  You will need to go into that tab and look for any fields with a red !.  Once the error/errors are corrected, click “Submit” and it will make the listing “Active”.
    You must upload a picture at that time, since the MLS Rules require that a listing must have at least one picture (front elevation) of the property to be Active.

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    Cool Tool – REFINE Button – Make it your friend!

    Narrow and Discard

    At the bottom of your search results screen, click the “Refine” button.  You will find “Narrow” and “Discard” buttons in the blue bar. You can use these to help refine your search results.

    Refine Toolbar

    Narrow: As you go through your search results, there may be only certain ones you want to keep. Click the check box next to each listing you want to keep.

    Click the “Narrow” button. This will remove all of the unchecked listings from your search results. In other words, you “narrowed” your search results.

    Use this to remove the listings you do not want when printing or e-mailing reports. Click the “Actions” button once you have your list refined.

    Refine toolbar 2

    Discard: Click to select any listings that you want to remove (hide) from your search results. Click the “Discard” button.

    This will remove (hide) the checked listings from your from your search.

    After using the “Discard” button, a new button will appear labeled “Un-Discard.” You may click this button to return (unhide) your discarded listings to your results.

    Use this tool to hide listings in your search results, while you work with the rest of the listings, when printing or e-mailing clients. Click the “Actions” button once you have your list refined.

    Refine toolbar 3

    Extra Special Tip – Use either Narrow (check the listings you wish to keep) or Discard (check the listings you wish to hide), when setting up an Auto-email to a client for the first time.  If you take the time to look through the results and only want to send the best ones first, use the “REFINE” tool.  This will allow you to put your best foot forward and only send the best matched listings initially to the client.

    Click the “Save” button and then “New Auto-email” to set up a client portal for your client.

    Refine toolbar 4

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    Issues with Matrix using Google Chrome

    There have been some reported issues using Matrix with Google Chrome and Matrix has been made aware of it.  You may want to use a different internet browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla.


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    Input Profile Sheets are now available

    Are you adding a new listing? 

    Use the Profile sheet to help guide you with gathering the data and inputting the listing into Matrix.  The profile sheets are broken out by Property Type and all the required fields are bold and highlighted for you.  The Profile Sheet is set up to follow the tabs in the Input section of Matrix.

    You can find them on this website – on the toolbar – DOWNLOADS – Input.

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    How To Copy Your Expired or Terminated Listing

    How to Copy a Listing

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    How to Create an Auto Email for a Rapattoni Contact in Matrix

    How to Create an Auto Email for a Rapattoni Contact in Matrix

    You contacts have now been moved to Matrix.  You can now activate them for auto e-mail.  Just following these steps:

    1.  Go to My Matrix on the tool bar. Select “contacts”.
    2.  Click on the contact name you wish to activate.
    3. Click “saved searches” under that contact name and click on the actual search (it will be highlighted in blue).
    4.  Then click the “settings” button.
    5. Click the link “turn this saved search into an auto email”. Then hit “save”.

    (Click on images below to enlarge.)

    Creating an Auto Email for a Rapattoni Contact in Matrix -PDF

    rap to ma1


    rap to ma2


    rap to ma3

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    Listing Input Matrix MLS

    Input new listings into Matrix by first clicking on the Input tab under the Matrix menu bar.

    listing input

    To ADD or EDIT a listing:
    1. Under the Input section – click the “Add New Listing” link. Be sure to click on the desired property type you would like to add (e.g. Residential Listing Input).

    Step 1

    2. Search for the Tax ID Number to start your listing. Fill in the Street # and the Street Name and click search.
    3. Click the “Fill from Realist Tax” to populate the list with the Tax Data.
    4. If you want to copy an expired or withdrawn listing, then select “Fill from Cross Property”.

    Step 2, 3, 4

    To input a listing, insert all the necessary information on the screen (input forms) and click on each input tab to move to the next section. Make sure to correctly fill out all tabs. Start with the left tab – “status”.

    You can choose to start your listing as an Active Listing or as an Incomplete Listing. If you choose Active, the listing will be available for all FCG MLS users to see after you click “submit listing”.

    If you choose Incomplete, when you submit your listing you will receive a listing number, so you can upload your photos and view your listing for accuracy. Your listing WILL NOT be available for other users to see until you change the status to Active and click Submit Listing. An Active listing can only be submitted if it passes all input rules.

    Listing input 5

    Continue inserting data into each section (tab). When finished with a section, click on the next section’s tab at the top of the screen.

    If you choose “Active status” anything highlighted in yellow is a required field.  Fields that do not apply to the listing should be completed with a n/a or “0” (e.g., legal unit).








    • When you have completed all the sections, choose “Submit Listing”.
    • When you submit your listing, Matrix will check to be sure it follows MLS rules.
    • If Matrix finds any issues, it will place a red “!” next to the tab in question.
    • Click on the corresponding tab and the field in question will also display a red “!”
    • When all the fields have been resolved, click “Submit Listing” again, and your listing will be added to the system.

    Note: Think of “Submit Listing” as the save button whether you are creating an incomplete or active listing.

    If you have reported a change of phone number, address or email, you need to do the following in Matrix:

    Click on the Input tab and tab over to Listing Office & Agent.

    report change1

    Put in your Agent ID.  Click submit at the bottom of the page.

    report change2


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    MLS Training and Top Asked Questions

    Please bookmark this site. We will keep posting top asked Questions!

    Rapattoni MLS is READ ONLY. The new MLS is Matrix!
    It is critical for a smooth transition that you check and read your e-mails from the REALTOR® Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, Inc.

    For questions about display and reports e-mail
    For questions about search results”
    For questions about editing and Listing Input e-mail

    For urgent issues call the Association at 239-936-3537.

    See below the top asked questions:

    I can not edit, change or close my listings!
    When you try to change status, price or any other information in your listing,you will be required to complete the edit process by clicking submit on the bottom of the screen
    Once you submitted, a screen appears, click the red hyperlink to view a list of errors in the listing to be fixed. You can cut and paste or print the list of errors.
    Go back into Listing Input, enter the MLS number and hit enter. When the page with your listing has loaded, view the tabs on top. The tabs with an exclamation point will have errors.
    For example: The general tab has an exclamation point, click the tab, every field which is incorrect will show an exclamation mark and needs to be corrected or filled out. Hit submit after correcting the errors and view your tabs for errors.

    I am an Office admin and can not edit a listing!
    Office administrators who can not edit or change listings need to be added as team members by the brokers or MLS staff in order to work as the broker. The same applies to assistants of agents, in this case the agent has to add the assistant as team members.

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    How to view the GEO Areas in Matrix

    Did you know you can see the GEO Area boundaries on the Map in Matrix? Click on the Map tab, click on Layers and check MLS Areas. This will drop in the boundaries for all of the GEO areas. Here is a graphic of it:

    Adding GEO Areas to Map

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    Opening Multiple Sessions in Matrix

    You can open multiple sessions in the same browser, without having to log in again. When you are in the Matrix screen, go up to the Matrix toolbar and LEFT CLICK with your mouse.

    You will see 2 options – Open in a New Tab or Open in a New Window. You can choose to open it in the browser or open a new window.

    You can then work on something new, without losing what you were already in the process of working on.

    Matrix Multiple Sessions Tip


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